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Since our May 2004 beginning, the Oregon-Idaho Reconciling United Methodists (OI RUMs) have been resourcing local churches with books and study papers, RMN connections, "My Child Is of Sacred Worth" badges, pink triangle cookies, and laity workshops to help congregations talk more about gender and inclusiveness issues.

We have been present at the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference sessions since 2005 through our Ministry Marketplace display and occasional other exhibits such as the Shower of Stoles and Shalom Ministries' Silenced Witnesses; Laity Workshops; and our annual Reconciling dinner or luncheon. We also sponsor Action Requests (legislation) as the need arises to represent the needs of all God's children and and goals of a fully inclusive United Methodist Church. We set aside an amount each month to help volunteers attend General Conference and to financially assist young adults attend national Reconciling-related events.

We invite your presence and solicit your continued prayers for us to be open to hearing the right word and for our voices for justice to be heard.

Your financial support is also needed as we strive for a more open and welcoming UMC in Oregon and Idaho. Donations to cover the OI RUMs' expenses related to our presence at the Annual Conference session, mailings, and other support may be sent to:

        OI RUMs Treasurer
         17206 SW Stellar Drive
         Sherwood OR 97140
Please make your check payable to OI RUMs.

Thank you!

Peace and progress,
Carolyn Pennington
Carolyn d Pennington at gmail.com

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Last updated October 23, 2022