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Here is a list of news sources and organizations provided by Dick Burdon

Gay & Lesbian Leadership SmartBrief
This source gives headlines and an introductory paragraph and a link to the article such as in The New York Times, etc. SmartBrief is not published daily.

Chelsea Now
Gay City News  Now: Chelsea Gay City The Villager, Downtown Express -- gay_city_news/perspectives, has many original articles.


Q Center
Q Center, is located at 4115 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR.
Q Center posts an on-line newsletter which lists information about the center and dates for community events. Times and dates of organizations meetings and activities are posted on these pages.

GLAPN (Gay and Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest)
GLAPN will be presenting another in the series: TELLING OUR STORIES early in 2010. Check the web site for details.

When it comes to looking for information on gay issues Glapn and the Q Center stand ready to assist with information and/or where to connect to find what you need.

Gay and Grey Portland

Huffington Post Gay Voices

PFLAG is another helpful resourse..... Don't have one? Start one! One in five families has a member of the gay community--those families are as much in the closet as a gay person and live in fear of exposure or discovery. Coming out is a liberating experience. Gay is a state of being. An open mind and heart will aid in aging an understanding.  

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